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SAI ranked in top 30 Kansas City Architecture Firms in 2022


We are a diverse and talented group of architects, interior designers, and planners who believe architecture is most successful when it reflects the needs and aspirations of the client and thoughtfully interacts with the surroundings. Our teams are structured to welcome ideas and reward collaboration in a genuinely inclusive process with a shared and unwavering commitment to excellence. Our touchstones are intelligent, functional design, and enduring client relationships.


We offer clients a wide range of architectural and related services such as planning, programming, interior design, and project management for a variety of building types. We place great emphasis on project needs and performance, spatial character and materiality, environmental sustainability and, above all, client values and satisfaction.


SAI’s approach to architecture reflects our expertise in designing buildings and spaces that enhance their surroundings. They meet both the aspirations of their owners and the functional needs of end-users, bringing lasting value through successful design. Our collaborative approach with clients and users is focused on solutions that are practical, flexible, and resilient – delivered with the high level of service our clients rely upon.


Our planning for facilities in retail, mixed-use, and commercial / corporate environments focuses on solving known problems and anticipating the needs of the future. We develop comprehensive frameworks of relationships between functional areas, schedule, budget, and priority. Our plans improve the quality of existing spaces and are designed to adapt to evolving spatial use. Near-term, long-term, grand or small-scale projects all benefit from the knowledge of our planners and designers.


Through careful listening, we develop plans that effectively utilize space, reflect our clients’ values and culture, and stay within the established budgets. SAI inte­ri­or design solu­tions are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting each project’s architectural sensibility, unique material use, and space planning. Because SAI interior designers are of the process from the onset, we are able to address your technological, accessibility and environmental concerns while meeting your project’s functional and aesthetic requirements. We offer the added benefit of established relationships with many reputable vendors.


SAI brings information, inspiration, and enlightenment to space. We operate at the inflection point of communication design and the built environment, employing multi-disciplinary graphic methods to communicate stories, inform people, activate spaces, and organize places for efficient navigation. Research and client collaboration inform our work. Our interdisciplinary teams deliver beautiful environments designed with a sense of purpose, discovery, and clarity.

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