Alan Kovar

Associate Vice President / project manager


It wasn’t until aspiring to pursue a Bachelor of Architecture at Kansas State University that Alan embraced his full potential, and decided (thanks to the timely advice of his mom) to become an architect. Since then, his love of drafting and drawing continue to a fundamental part of his career. 

As a long-term residential architect and devotee of traditional architectural design, Alan now finds the more contemporary designs of SAI as a way of expanding his skills.

Besides earning the respect and friendship of clients, Alan is known for his daily comic relief around the office and wouldn’t dream of working anywhere but right here at SAI.

Where He’d Be If He Wasn’t Here

With my wife in Europe.

Personal Vibe

Happy. Loved. Content.

Causes He Cares Most About

American Diabetes Association, Big Brothers and Big Sisters.


Bachelor of Architecture – Kansas State University.

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