Brenda Nelson



Architecture is Brenda’s chosen second career.  Brenda grew up in a rural community and has had the opportunity to live, and work, in several different states over the last fifteen years. Her wide variety of experience has afforded her the ability to quickly engage in projects ranging from multi-family residential to commercial, from restaurant to corporate office and more.  For her, it is a profession which provides a balance between design creativity and scientific technology.  Architecture affords the variety she desires to stay challenged and her adaptability to a project type is one of her greatest assets.

At SAI, Brenda enjoys collaborating with project teams and learning what motivates each client. “Psychology is a huge part of any design. Buildings affect our emotions both negatively and positively, even when we do not quite realize that. It is always my goal to get to know clients as well as I can and help provide them with a project that suits their needs, both physically and mentally.”

Outside of the office happiest when

Taking photos!

Three words to describe

Responsible, Curious, Talkative.

Bucket List

Write a book. Learn how to design clothes and sew like a professional.

Personal Motto/Favorite Quote

“We will compromise on almost anything, but not on our values, or our aesthetics, or our idealism, or our sense of curiosity.” — Anita Roddick, Body and Soul (1991), ch.11.


Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication — University of Nebraska – Lincoln,
Master of Architecture —University of Colorado at Denver.

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