C.W. Keller

senior vice president/ project manager


It’s through a mutual connection and prior working relationship, why he has been a project manager since the beginning at Slaggie Architects.  

If you ask CW why he became an architect, he will tell you it is because of his love of drawing as well as the technical side and details. CW enjoys deep-diving into larger mixed-use projects where he utilizes his experience and leadership skills to facilitate team management overseeing project completion.

His professional aspirations have always included doing it right the first time. CW has been successful by getting the details in front of clients, enabling them to make intelligent decisions early in the project. 

Professional Philosophy

Get it right the first time. Allow clients to make good decisions and provide them with the best information possible.

outside the office

Mountain biking and home improvements.


Bachelor of Environmental Design — University of Kansas.

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