David Wagner

Inspired artistically by his grandmother, David’s childhood dream was to become a famous artist. Later, he discovered his passion for architecture and design as well.

He is a 2009 graduate of Iowa State University where he studied architecture and fine arts. David enjoys the blend of both the technical and artistic aspects of his work and collaborating with clients to help bring each project to life. He’s involved with a wide variety of the firm’s work focusing on planning, design, and 3d visualization, bringing to bear his many artistic abilities and skills.

Outside of architecture, David enjoys expanding his diverse art portfolio, traveling, and attending dozens of concerts throughout the year.

Not-So-Secret Admiration For

David Bowie – one of the very few artists to successfully reinvent himself throughout a 40+ year career.

Hidden Accomplishment

He’s seen over 500 bands play live.

Personal Motto

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.


Bachelor of Architecture – Iowa State University.

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