Ed Tumanut


With strengths in the visual department at a very young age, Ed has always had an appreciation for spaces and the way they develop. Architecture gives Ed the opportunity to combine technical and scientific sides of design, which is why he choose to become an architect in the first place. And the allure of palm trees on a brochure is why he chose to study architecture at the University of Southern California.

Ed’s spends his time at SAI collaborating with clients, and focusing on Visualization, Creative, Schematic Design and Design Development.

Ed stays active in the community through organizations such as the Kansas City World Outreach Lion’s Club, and the Pilipino Organization of Greater Kansas City. He is also a proud member of the local USC alumnus organization.

Secret Skills

Plays piano and cello.

Short-Term Goal

Survive first-time parenthood.

Happiest Doing

Spending quality time – anytime – with his family!


Bachelor of Architecture – University of Southern California.

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