Ian Bardwell

Introduced to the world of architecture through playing Legos with his grandparents, Ian developed a special interest at a young age.  During High School, he began to focus his studies and begin on a path towards his dream career. Hard work during his college years led him to receive both a Bachelor’s and Masters of Architecture from Louisiana Tech University.

Years later working for SAI, he still finds it an amazing choice of careers. “It’s about the people. Whether it is the clients we are working for, other designers collaborating ideas into a design, or the end-users who get to experience the space… I consider the people the heart of architecture.”

Bucket List

Write a book.

Anywhere but here

The beautiful mountains and jungles in Guatemala.


The plight of the poor and suffering especially with children.

Life Impact Quote

“We must give the best to the poor, rather than leaving them with the leftovers.” — a priest, Valley of the Angels Orphanage in Guatemala

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