Tom Miller



A key member of the firm, Tom’s approach is rooted in accuracy and founded by his passion for space and scale.

Named after a family friend who happened to be an architect, Tom has an affinity for making construction documents come to life – using brain-bending,  3-dimensional design. He believes he’s at the top of his game when taking a model from concept-to-construction ready.

Tom believes each project he works on introduces something new to his career and keeps him excited about his role in it. He loves the relationships he’s formed by working with commercial clients, including the opportunities to help clients understand the entire project process. 

Unknown Talents

Can cross eight fingers into four pairs at once without one hand touching the other.

Personal Motto

It could always be worse.

Causes He Cares Most About

Alzheimer’s Association, Phi Kappa Psi – KS Alpha Chapter


Bachelor of Architecture – University of Kansas.

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