Zainab Alaradi

Because her family moved around a lot during her teenage years, Zainab took each opportunity she had to go on home-shopping trips with her parents. This inspired her to start drawing plans of “dream homes” and gradually came to understand that different organizational strategies within a home can portray a certain lifestyle and culture.

The influence of these experiences and the realization that different cultures have different needs and architecture as a result, led her to choose a career in architecture and continues to shape her perspective.

Working on a variety of projects at SAI, she enjoys contributing to the team and taking each client’s vision from sketch to reality. Seeing a project to end and helping it succeed she finds the most satisfying.

Anywhere but here

Vacationing in Hawaii.

On Sunday mornings

Facetiming with family overseas.

Happiest times

Spending time with family and playing with my son.

Personal Motto

Don’t stop until you’re proud.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Minor in Art — University of Michigan,
Master of Architecture —  University of Michigan.

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