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Olathe Pointe Whole Foods


Olathe, KS


37,500 SF


Architecture, Planning, Graphics

The 37,500 SF store is a new build located at 14615 W. 119th Street, at the corner of Black Bob and 119th St. Designed by SAI, the store features tons of seating, farm-fresh produce, a specialty coffee and a juice bar. One of the store’s standout features is the Lone Elm Tap Room, a 50-seat venue with beer and wine on tap. The tap room is designed to opens out onto a patio with more than 30 additional seats.

The design was custom created to blend into the surrounding community. Locally-sourced materials were used in the store’s construction, including a reclaimed gym floor from a High School in DeKalb, Missouri, wood paneling from reclaimed beetle-killed ash trees from around Kansas City and spring bar stools from an old oil rig in Kansas are just a few of the locally sourced sustainable features located in the Lone Elm Tap Room.

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