Christine Best

Office Manager

Originally from Kansas City, Christine lived in Texas for over 30 years. Her favorite things about Texas; the diversity of people and landscapes, access to the beach and Mexican food. Favorite part of Texas, the hill country. Least favorite things about Texas, the HEAT, the traffic, the HEAT! Her favorite things about Kansas City, the Plaza and surrounding areas like the Nelson Atkins Museum, Brookside, the Midwest-friendly hospitality, and the seasons.

Christine has extensive work experience that includes community outreach, marketing, sales, and senior administrative appointments. One of her favorite career tasks is organizing philanthropic events and participating in various charities in the community. “I think one of our primary responsibilities as human beings is to help others.”

hidden talent

She was the news director at her college radio station and participated in a series of internships at WHB radio, a TV internship at the former channel 4- WDAF (NBC TV affiliate), and news stories for the former KLSI (93.3 FM) in the early 80’s. In the summer of 1985, she worked as a mobile DJ doing anniversary parties, birthdays, bat/bar mitzvahs along with DJ’ing at the former Baby Doe’s restaurant, and bar before it shut down because it was sliding down the hill.

Wisdom to live by

Look for the best in everyone. There is always something to be grateful for. Laughter can turn a bad day around and should be practiced often!


Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Speech Communication — Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.

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