Ilda Norbrega

Graphic Design

Originally from Portugal, Ilda went to school for interior design after pursuing her interest in performing arts and her love of light and shadow.

While still in Portugal she was considering a career with the Contemporary Museum of Art when she chose the adventure and allure of moving to the states to expand her talents.

As an organized and imaginative graphic designer, she loves the overall visioning process – developing scale and bringing a project to life using art and science through graphics. By creating realistic renderings, she helps clients experience their projects before its even constructed.

In her free time, Ilda perfects her skills in ceramics and looks forward to a retirement filled with ceramic art.

Hidden talent

Interned at fashion school in Paris – she can draft patterns and sew very well.

Favorite Place

In Portugal by the seashore, with an espresso enjoying the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.


Architectural Studies – University of Missouri,
Theater Production/Lighting Design – P. Porto – ESMAE The School of Music and Performing Arts, Porto Portugal.

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